Saturday, 8 December 2012

Jimmy Savile - An Update

Doctor Pon has not published anything for almost a year, as he has been the lead researcher in a project to determine whether dogs can look up or not (provisional conclusion is that they can, but this result is subject to peer-review and correction etc)

Anyway, a friend contacted Doctor Pon to say that probably he should comment on Jimmy Savile, because of the recent news.

Doctor Pon does not follow the news. Doctor Pon is the news.

Also, as Doctor Pon does not follow the news, he doesn't know why a comment on Jimmy Savile would be appropriate, and there is no possible way of finding out before publishing this post, because today Doctor Pon wants to try mixing coffee and nutella to make a delicious hazelnut-chocolate coffee.

So here is what Doctor Pon has to say (note to underling intern: please edit as appropriate)

Obviously I was surprised to find out about Jimmy Savile's past, as most people were, but it does seem apparent with hindsight. However, we should not be too keen to jump to conclusions, and should allow the police (and army if necessary) to conclude the investigation(s).

The fact that Jimmy Savile had been dead for many years before his second death was announced is confusing for a man of science (note to intern - please find a man of science to check this) who did not think this was possible.

But the explanation that the frightening looking, groaning old man was actually a zombie makes much more sense now.