Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Riots and Looting

Jeff Savage writes:

Obviously rioting and looting is a laugh. It goes without saying that arson is too. But not when it happens in my home town! which is London or Kent or something.

(Doctor Pon adds: I saw some kids running down the street with stolen boxes of korma, jalfrezei, and vindaloo. I think they misunderstood when I said that some people were robbing Curry's)

So, it's the tories, yeah? They want to reform the NHS? You couldn't make it up! Reform it? They ought to burn the fucker down.

Dave Cameron? You couldn't make him up! He needs reforming. But his wife is another story, I'd happily reform her, and maybe a bit of arse-on wouldn't go amiss.

And Clegg wants to give free palaces to Muslim lesbian immigrants with the right to impose sharia law based on fiqh on their own land and 4.5 hectares surrounding it? You couldn't make it up!

So that's what caused the riots. And this is definitely true and I support or oppose them 100%.

Bring back hanging. It's too good for them.
Actually, no need to bring back hanging, as it's too good for them.

Now I'm going to loot Amazon by smashing my computer screen with a brick. So long fuckers!

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