Thursday, 10 November 2011

RIP Jimmy Saville

Jimmy Saville died recently, and that caused Doctor Pon much sadness.
When Doctor Pon heard the news, he was very sad. Sometimes when Doctor Pon thinks about Jimmy Saville, he is still sad.
Below is a time line of when Doctor Pon thinks he was the saddest:

Now    Then    Now    Then    Now    Then

Jimmy Saville did a lot of good work in his life, but if he had not been on tv, and you met him in a pub, you'd be suspicious.

Some facts, all definitely true:

He was the first man to use two turntables and a microphone.

He was a professional wrestler.

He got a starred first from Oxford in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics

He invented the toaster.

There is a small plastic model of him in a spirit house in Southern Thailand.

He could spin on his head.

Jim once 'fixed' an enemy of mine.

Once he knocked out Bob the builder for trying to muscle in on the 'fix it' gig.

He was good friends with Jon Bon Jovi, and recorded backing vocals on Blaze of Glory.

His real name was Jimul Ficksit.

He used to say he hated kids so people wouldn't accuse him of being a paedophile.

He taught Michael Jackson how to moon walk.

He taught Peter Jackson how to make films.

He taught Jack Johnson how to play one song on a guitar and keep repeating it and pretending it's a different song.

He hated pandas.

He painted hamsters.

He was the first man to tell the joke about the guy going to the library to get the book called 'how to commit suicide' and being told by the librarian that he couldn't borrow it as he wouldn't bring it back.

He began the Prachinburi river dolphin hoax.

Doctor Pon hopes you have enjoyed these facts.

Researched by Jason Bourne.