Saturday, 19 November 2011

Trance Music - Just Noise?

Doctor Pon is not a musician, and would probably even struggle to differentiate between the late 90s European progressive euphoric trance, and the early 2000s Balearic progressive house! However, it has been proven by science comrades, that trance music is the best music to aid recovery from strokes and heart attacks, and all sorts of other stuff.
(Trance music here obviously refers to the electronic dance kind, not that new-age druggie shit.)
Doctors have also compiled a list of specific tracks to aid recovery for certain medical problems:

In this section I was going to write a list of obviously inappropriate song titles to listen to when dealing with a medical problem, but all I could think of was Massive Attack and Collapsed Lung, which are neither song titles, nor trance, so just make up your own.

L8rs Clubheads!

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  1. Pneumonia: Ferry Corsten - Out of the Blue
    Premature Ejaculation: ATB - Till I Come
    Concussion: Oakenfold - Starry-eyed Surprise
    Broken leg caused by a fall: Plummet - Damaged
    Waiting for an operation: 2 months off - Underworld

    Doctor Pon - you must try harder
    "ha ha ha jokes on you" as they say.